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November 2016



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Nov. 29th, 2016

My #1st notes

Dear November, thank you for so much fun. I’m so happy to meet you^^
In the first week, I’m so busy in real life and my health getting worse but I was enjoyed, until weekend, I get some rest like doing nothing in my bed. Lol. The 2nd week, I had to wake up earlier and I feel more tired than usual because I get tasks outside the office.  Then.. I get sick. It’s not very bad actually, I mean, I just had “radang” and fever, I can’t talk because my voice didn’t came out , hahaha. But, I’m very happy because in few days I can meet my bias on November 12th. I finished my task in real life, then the-Day came. It was so MUCH FUN. But sadly, my oppa didn’t noticed, I dunno, maybe I can’t scream, altough I’m trying to called his name but he was ignored me. Lol. Then, I’m trying to called another random oppa with “banmal” and HE NOTICED ME >< omg! He’s smile and wave his hand to me. Okay, enough for this stuff. I can’t show my fangirling side. The 3rd week, I had to face the reality again but I’m still happy. I mean, this week is Fantastic Beast time xD and ofcourse my b’day. I’m already 23th! Wow. I can’t belive it! I’m growing up! Even thought I don’t want to became adult L Then, the 4th week came out. I still have to faced the reality. Doing work, then get some rest and last Monday in November  I had an event with friends. Yeah, I’m so happy :D I mean, I’m so HAPPY. can’t choosed any words. Lol.  Time fly so fast, happy November J

Jul. 21st, 2016

Gintama - Renho Arc

Hi there's :)
finally, new post!!!
I'm not going to post Johnny's stuff today, not because I'm not into them but I don't have a topics at all. I still love them thought, JUMP, Arashi, Tegomass.
Yesterday, I rewatch Anishi SP "Arashi Ryoukan", MJ is kakkoi desu ne~~ and I'm into NEWS single, everydays I listen their songs<3 And Yutti's new dorama is make me doki doki (he's very Handsome).
And here a topics, actually today I found this fan illustration on my PC "Trio Baka" from Gintama, a hero who not like HERO in Shonen Jump Sakata Gintoki, BakaZura and the man who is not like Sakamoto Ryuma at all! AKA Sakamoto Tatsuma XD

aaah~ so nostalgic... I mean, I love this Arc! a "Joui nakama" (without Takasugi) trying to find Elizabeth (Zura pet) in Elizabeth Planet. So, they're work together, make a gag together, lol.

Renho arc anime release in 2011, but if I have a time, I'm trying rewatch this arc XD

Nov. 1st, 2014

[DL] Chiby Daichan

Hello ^^
Actually I was thinking to reupload a picture to fill up my LJ account, so this is!
Our little Daichan. haha :D
Happy download

Cr: to owner

Aug. 8th, 2014

Suiyan (Suikyuu Yankees) mode on

BuAq5kGCIAAWduQ.jpg large
Yuto new drama Suikyuu Yankees has 3 episode this week!!
As you can see "The Trio Baka" in Suiyan is very funny, right? Haha.
I'll become addicted to watched Yuto drama again and agains. The story is very interested and uniqued.
I dont know, but I think Inaba Naoya (Yuto) character same as Luffy character (in One Piece), both stupid, and also do not give up easily. Haha.
In two days later Yuto have a birthday and Yuto will 21 years old XDD
sorry for my bad english

Jul. 21st, 2014

Back In Love with JUMP

well, I love JUMP since they're debut (2007). They're really cute and childish.
But since Ryuu chan was gone, I'm feeling empty :(
even my ichiban is Yuuto, I really miss Ryu chan...

Then, I saw performed JUMP in SCP. They're performed BOUNCE. Finally, I comeback into JUMP WORLD again. And Yuuto is really handsome now a days XD

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